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Oh... I seem to have forgetten I had this.

I've been to busy trying to understand the instructions to this 'solitaire' thing I found on the computer. It looked like an interesting game...

Marik-sama is asleep now, I think. I couldn't sleep so he told me to keep quiet or I'd be in trouble. I still don't get why no one likes Marik-sama. He isn't what everyone keeps saying he is...

I left the apartment for the first time the other day. I was very confused... These things Marik-sama called 'Cars' were very scary... they looked like they had eyes, and like they watched you as they went by... I don't like them.

It's very quiet. I'm a bit lonely. Maybe Marik-sama is up. He promised me we'd watch one of those 'dvd' things awhile ago. I want to know what they are. He said we'd watch something about Hills and eyes...

No, I'm tired now so I'll go back to sleep on the couch.
Kisara :: Slaying the Dreamer

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I feel better with electronics now.

Marik-sama taught me how to make 'toast' with the thing called 'toaster' in the kitchen. It ate the bread and then a couple minutes later spat it out and it was cooked!

He said that maybe tomorrow he'd show me how to use the coffee machine. What's coffee..?
Kisara :: Slaying the Dreamer

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It's so cold in this... uhm. I forgot what Marik-sama called it.

But it's cold, and Marik-sama told me not to leave the computer because he thinks it's the only thing that I wont explode.

I've still not been here for more than a few days and there are so many things happening. I am so confused. Pharoah-sama, Marik-sama, someone, what's going on? Pharoah-sama and... Seth-sama... that man... they have been fighting for awhile now.

I don't know where Marik-sama went. I'd go and see if I could find something of his that's warmer, but I don't think Bakura-sama would like that either, so I'll just sit here and wait for Marik-sama to come back.


Am I really a bad omen, still?

Why is it so much colder here than it was before in Egypt?
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Kisara : So lonely

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I can finally.. erm... type well now without making so many typos, as Marik-sama said they were.

He brought me back to life yesterday. He just showed up and said he could give me a new body, and amongst a few other things he mentioned. But I said okay, and he did it. He gave me a new body.

I'm very grateful, though I am so confused.

Why does everyone want to kill me?

What have I done to deserve to be killed again? I don't mean any harm...
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